Master  of  Divinity

Master of Divinity

The M. Div degree is traditionally the most

common seminary degree for equipping those whose desire is to serve the Lord in some type of professional ministry capacity. It is especially common among those seeking preparation for pastoral or classroom ministry, or any other ministry where the primary task is expositing the Word of God.

However, anyone whose ministry goals will be furthered by obtaining a firm grasp of the Scriptures, including the original languages, will benefit from a Master of Divinity degree from Calvin International University

At CIU, the M. Div degree is uniquely structured to balance biblical and theological studies with ministry skills courses that will result not only in increased knowledge of God’s Word, but also preparation for the common demands of everyday ministry. A balanced core curriculum, in conjunction with a concentration in a variety of electives, makes this three year (92 credit hours) degree customizable to your unique ministry objectives. For more information about the M. Div degree program at CIU, including an overview of the degree requirements.

​목회학 석사


 목회학 석사 과정은 기본적인 신학을 이해하고, 더 깊은 학문으로  나아갈 수 있도록 도우며, 

 기독교 전통을 새로운 관점으로 바라보고 더 나아가 현대적 의미로 반영할 수 있도록 도와줍니다

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