About Us


      About Us

      Calvin International University is a private, comprehensive institution committed to challenging an supporting students intellectually, spiritually, socially, culturally, and physically.

Calvin International University is founded on a free mercy and grace tradition based upon Biblical principles and the conviction that individuals have freedom of conscience before God. Calvin International University integrates theological education with Christ-centered transformation as it equips men and women for ministry in the church and the world.

Our Mission

The Bible

The Scripture of the Old and New Testaments, as originally given of God, are the infallible record of the perfect, final

and authoritative revelation of his work and will, together sufficient in themselves as the rule of faith and practice.

Calvin International University believes God’s saving revelation has been supremely made in Jesus Christ. The Bible is the complete and authentic record of that revelation. We are committed to both the Old and New Testaments

as God’s infallible message for the church and the world.

The Scriptures are foundational to the education process

at Calvin International University.



Calvin International University builds community through shared faith.

As students, staff, faculty, and administration, we identify ourselves as community. We express community through loving relationship, classes(teaching site), Spiritual

Formation groups, social events, conferences, prayer cells, and joint ministry experiences as we work and live together. Within this environment of support and challenge,

it is possible for us to grow inwardly, in our relationship

with God and others, and in our outlook on the world.


Spiritual Formation

Calvin International University believes that Spiritual Formation is at the heart of all we do. Spiritual Formation

is the process of nurturing an intimate relationship with

God, encompassing heart, soul, and mind. Spiritual Formation is obedience to the Word of Christ and an intentional commitment to grow, study, pray, and be held accountable for our life and witness, both before God and one another.


Academic Excellence

Calvin International University is committed to academic excellence. While seminary education is unique, Calvin International University creates an atmosphere conducive

to academic studies and sustains high scholastic standards from an internationally recognized faculty. Integrated

within our curriculum is the whole framework of the Seminary’s Core Values leading to a goal of lifelong

learning expressed through spiritual leadership​.


Educational Philosophy

     In order to carry out its mission, Calvin International University brings together

a faculty with shared commitment to biblical, evangelical faith; the persuit of excellence

in teaching; professional development through continuing education and research; and service

to the church and the world.

    Our Christian philosophy is reflected in the Bible-centered curriculum taught by  well-trained and dedicated Christian professors. Our faculty uses textbooks authored by scholarly writers who maintain a commitment to the Bible as the divinely revealed guide for all people.

Our Purpose &Vision


 The purpose of Calvin International University is

 to equip and educate students who are committed to studying the Word of God and to equip pastors evangelists and missionaries who will  prepare   others in the ministry of the gospel. Calvin helps   form men and women called by God to serve a   rapidly changing, multicultural world for effective  service in the Kingdom of God within the  framework of the historic Reformed faith.


Vision Statement

Calvin International University will creatively provide comprehensive educational resources for the development of Christian spiritual leaders in every nation who can teach others about the love of Christ, a love that cannot be earned and cannot be lost.

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For Christ and His Kingdom

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